Our Proposal


Explorative Astrology, a springboard to the unknown, to the mystery. A vantage point from which we contemplate the stars showing us their beauty, and revealing the most intimate poetics of the veiled and furtive secrets that provide meaning to the experience of Being.

Explorative Astrology, a pathway that helps unveil that what summons us and cannot be determined by strict, rigid patterns or by dogmatic astrological definitions -narrow and fearful simplifications- that pretend to imprison you in an idea that offers nothing but constraint, without consideration of your personal process and conscious freedom.

Explorative Astrology, a convergence of the Universe’s essence with the zephyr of primordial light within us, even though we often forget about it amid the narratives and mandates that compel and coerce us. The stars stand beside us, casting their reflections upon the psyche and embodying timeless patterns that resonate in our earthly journey. They serve as symbols suggesting and guiding us; the most subtle intermediaries in the transmission of mysteries and conflicts between the emanated and the manifested – everything that adopts a name, a course, and a purpose within you-.

Explorative Astrology, a compass for the uncharted realm of intentions and dimensions one can only intuit. Yet, an instrument where we can find our purpose within, by challenging our need for understanding, leaving behind what we “know” and dedicating ourselves wholeheartedly. Like a map that becomes an invitation to embark on an unprecedented, exploratory journey in which no result can be foreseen—except for the shedding of that which ravishes us until it blinds the intimate consciousness that dwells within us. We are light and shadow, pain and intricacy, creation and bliss. Life mirroring the stars.

Explorative Astrology, a proposal for self-discovery, to illuminate the depths of the unconscious and bring awareness revealing that within you lies a mystical labyrinth of cosmic substances. In essence, a profound source of joy that beckons you to become a conscious channel of the information you perceive and the sustaining energy that fuels your existence.

We do not control anything, we simply surrender to the enchantment of the divine.

Do you dare to explore yourself?